Children’s Detective and Spy Kits

National Geographic Night Vision Goggles
I am putting these on my wish list, just what I need.
These night vision goggles from National Geographic take exploring to a whole new level with enhanced light and sound, giving children the ultimate device for outdoor exploration. This high-tech head gear includes high-powered red flash light and sonic ear listening device with automatic volume limiter to keep sound at a safe level.

kids Night Vision Goggles

Detective Fingerprint Kit

You can now identify suspects and record important clues with this fun fingerprint kit! Contains dusting powder, 10 fingerprint record cards, stamp pad, magnifying glass, 20 stickers for collecting fingerprints along with a brush all packed in a handy case. Just what every sleuth needs at the scene of the crime.

kids detective-kit

Eye Spy Scope Set

Triple spy power with these three GeoVision Precision Optics devices in one kit! Ideal for all those young detectives.

kids spy-scope-set

Children’s Spy Kit

Perfect for all those young sleuths who take their detective work seriously. Based on recording and playback blocks, kids will have hours of fun snooping on their friends. They will be able to monitor people’s activities; set traps for would be double agents and generally carry out sneaky activities! Include lots more but the details are top secret!

kids spy-kit
Some More Children’s Gift Ideas
Switch Microscope
National Geographic Walkie Talkies


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