Kids Juggling Gift Ideas

Glowing Spinstix

Often known as Devil Sticks or Flower Sticks these bright and colourful Glowing LED Spinstix are a favourite amongst kids. The Baton has hidden LED’s that can be set up to flash different sequences of colours making the display very effective. It is quite simple to learn but needs lots of practice keeping children busy for quite a while.



Juggling Balls

A set of three individual colourful squidgy juggling balls with a helpful booklet of basic instructions. The balls that feels comfortable in the hand Perfect for juggling, throwing and catching, or kicking a great novelty gift idea for almost anyone.


Spinning Plate

Juggling is regaining its popularity but plate spinning seems to have been forgotten so we decided to feature it here. It comes with a plastic plate, a specially designed stick and instructions

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spinning plate
Some More Children’s Gifts
butterfly garden


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