Children’s Planters

Kids Planters

A set of three children’s planters in blue. These kids planters are ideal for growing a variety of vegetables, herbs and salads. Kids love to grow their own food and you will be surprised how involved they get.

kids planters

Pea and Bean Planters

Each of these garden plant containers comes with its own climbing support frame and are perfect for peas and beans. It is really easy to grow peas and beans so ideal for children who like to see quick results. Also suitable for smaller areas.

Pea and Bean Planters

Strawberry and Herb Patio Planters

Two strawberry and herb patio planters with 8 side pockets. These pink herb and strawberry patio containers come with 8 pockets at the side and are ideal in small or courtyard gardens or even on a balcony.
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Strawberry and Herb Patio Planters small

Potato Planters

Children especially enjoy growing potatoes and these Potato planters create a home allotment in your own garden or on a terrace or patio. Growing potatoes in patio containers is an ideal way to enjoy home-grown potatoes where space is limited. Which gives kids the chance to monitor progress carefully.

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Potato Planters

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butterfly garden
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