Making a Comfrey and Nettle Feed

How to make your own comfrey and nettle feed

Plants just like us like their food. They obtain it from the soil through absorbing nutrients but what makes plants even happier is when you make them a feed of some of their favourite nutrients.

Plants like comfrey and stinging nettles are perfect for making a feed, both of them can irritate the skin so ask and adult for help when picking them. Comfrey is a large plant with a massive root system, because of this deep root it can access nutrients from further down that other plants cannot reach. The comfrey stores these nutrients in their leaves and stalks.

Nettles are quite a famous plant, many a time have I stung myself picking blackberries or raspberries. Just like the comfrey, nettles absorb the goodness of the soil and collect it in their leaves and stalks. So when you pick them and soak in water the nutrients get released from the leaves into the liquid. Comfrey is a common garden plant and throughout history was called knitbone because it could heal bones.

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Ask an adult to help you identify the leaves and pick them. Nettles are found where the soil is good and are very common but ask an adult to help, wear long sleeves, gloves and trousers.

Comfrey and nettle feed

  • wearing gloves pick comfrey and nettles and put them in a bucket
  • with the help of an adult cut the leaves and stalks into smaller bits
  • add enough water to the bucket to cover the leaves
  • stir the leaves in the water with a stick
  • leaves in the corner of the garden or yard
  • stir once a week
  • this is possibly the most horrible smell in the garden so beware
  • after three weeks give it another stir, if the liquid is green/brown and smells really bad add a cup full of the feed to a watering can and mix with the rest of the water
  • plants love this nutrition boost and will repay you with juicy fruits and vegetables
  • use the feed on your plants every couple of weeks

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The longer you leave the bucket the stronger the feed will get (if you can stand the smell)


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