Kids – Paint Your Own Gifts

Paint Your Own Wellies

Paint and decorate your own Wellington’s, with this super fun kit. Create your own design with the funky paint pens with groovy strong vibrant colours to choose from. Perfect for children who love splashing in puddles. Also available in pink


You’ve seen the piggy bank now create your very own kitty Bank! Just Add a Bit of imagination to create Your very Own Kitty Bank. Each kit contains 1 poly resin kitten bank, paints, paintbrush detailed instructions and an ideas sheet. It makes a great gift for all ages!

paint your own Kitty

Paint Your Own Gnome

Garden Gnomes are a must to look after all those seedlings that the little ones are nurturing as they learn the joys of gardening! Here is a miniature garden gnome to call your own. This paint your own gnome is ready and waiting for you to decorate him. He is a cheeky chap with a cheery wave, hat, belt, coat and a long beard.

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paint your own gnome

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Flower Press
stick insect kit

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