Companion Plants – which plants like growing next to each other

Plant friendships, imagine if you were stuck in the ground next to a plant that attracts bugs that eats your leaves etc.

Some plants love living next to each other, others have different soil types so don’t really like living next to each other.

Cabbage family
Likes- beets, celery, cucumber, lettuce, onions, potatoes and spinach
Does not like-dill, strawberries and tomatoes.

Plant flowers near fruit bushes/ trees and vegetables because they attract pollinating insects.

Likes – peas, lettuce, rosemary, onion and sage
Does not like – dill

Likes – potatoes, beans, peas, cucumber and squash
Does not like –  tomatoes

Like – beans, corn and peas
Does not like –  aromatic herbs or potatoes

Likes – carrots, strawberries and cucumbers

Likes- beets, carrots, lettuce and cabbage
Does not like- beans and peas

Like – carrots, turnips, cucumbers, corn and beets
Does not like –  onions or potatoes


Like – beans, corn and cabbage
Does not like –  pumpkins, squash or tomatoes


Likes – onions, asparagus, carrots, parsley and cucumber
Does not like – cabbage or potatoes

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